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     The Feast is an adult and young adult fellowship group originally formed in 2019 to bridge the gap between our older parishioners and younger people who may be interested in the church (millenials and gen z).
     At its conception, the Feast was originally a potluck held at the home of a revolving host about once a month, which usually included the Eucharist, singing, and reading. The Feast became an event that many people at St Paul's looked forward to attending every month, and also an opportunity to bring new friends. We have since moved to Zoom, but the idea behind the Feast remains the same; fellowship together in a laid-back, accepting atmosphere.
     While the pandemic has required us to suspend our in-person sharing of food, for now, we are still fed and nourished by the reading of scripture, by the sharing of poetry and song, and by companionship.
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