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Samaritan Center Ministry

In 1981, the Samaritan Center began in the basement of St. Paul's, handing out bag lunches to all in need. As the program grew, in 1994, the Samaritan Center became its own 501c3 organization in hope to gain support from corporations and community organizations that couldn't normally give to a religious institution. 

The Samaritan Center continued supplying roughly 300 meals a day from the basement of St. Paul's until 2015 when they purchased the former St. John the Evangelist Church on N. State Street. This larger location allows them to offer greater services and accommodate more people in need. 

Each year, St. Paul's parishioners still help serve at the SC--usually 3 or 4 times a year. Check our calendar or newsletter for dates and join us in serving our community in this way. 
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