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8:00 a.m. Service

Thanksgiving Eve Mary Hastings and Jeanne Avery

November 27  Greg Tuttle

Lessons & Carols  DJ Igelsrud and Mary Hastings

December 4  Kira Dirghalli

December 11  Doug Mouncey

December 18  Mary Hastings

December 24 4pm Jeanne Avery and Mary Hastings

January 1 Mary Hastings and Margaret Sherwin

January 8 Greg Tuttle

January 15 Mary Hastings

January 22 Greg Tuttle

January 29 Doug Mouncey

10:00 a.m. Service

November 23 Mary Hastings and Jeanne Avery Thanksgiving Eve Service

November 27 Jim and Ieva Doyle


December 4  Willson Cummer 

December 11 David Garvey 

December 18 Ellyn Hass  Lunch and greening of the church following worship

December 24 Jeanne Avery and Carolyn Grieb Family Christmas Eve Service at 4 p.m.

Ieva and Jim Doyle Christmas Eve Service with music and candles at 9 p.m.

December 25 Tiffany Miner Christmas Day Single service at 10 a.m.


January 1 Ieva and Jim Doyle New Year's Day Single service at 10 a.m.

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