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Lay Readers

8:00 a.m. Service

March 3  Joe Russo

March 10  Patty Glavin

March 17   Margaret Sherwin

March 24  Barbara Bell & David Webb

10am Single Svc

March 31 Cathy Wolff and Joe Russo

10am Single Svc 

April 7  Ruth Brown

April 14  Terri Tuttle

April 21  Joe Russo

April 28  Doug Mouncey

May 5  Margaret Sherwin

May 12  Ruth Brown

May 19  Terri Tuttle

May 26   Kira Dirghalli

10:00 a.m. Service

March 3                     Laurie Sanderson

March 10                   Jim Doyle

March 17                   Matthieu van der Meer

March 24 (Palm Sunday)   



     Evangelist -         Robert Wagner

     Jesus -                John Woodman

      Girl -                   Kira Lane

      Peter -                David Webb

      High Priest -       Margaret Sherwin

      Pilate -                Barbara Bell

      Centurian -         Joan Sammonds


      Lector -               Joshua Bartolotta


Maundy Thursday Reader

     Matthieu van der Meer


Good Friday Reader

      Willson Cummer


Vigil Readers

      Tom Cantwell

         Julia Fine

         Jessica King

         Matthieu van der Meer

         Derina Samuel

         Joe Moorman

         Lessons and Prayers of the People - Jim Doyle


March 31 (Easter Sunday)   

Cathy Wolff - Lessons

Joe Russo - Prayers of the People


April 7                          Joe Moorman

April 14                        Willson Cummer

April 21                        Derina Samuel

April 28                        Robert Wagner

May 5                           Kira Lane

May 12                         Betsy Elkins

May 19                         David Morgan

May 26 (One Service) Margaret Sherwin

June 2                           Julia Fine


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