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Contemplative Studies & Practices, Wednesdays at

1:00 p.m. via the Montgomery Zoom Room.


     During these difficult times, contemplative practice can provide a much needed refuge for grounding ourselves in the divine source. In addition, by drawing on the accumulated wisdom of the ages, our ongoing studies will seek ways that we as individuals and as community can bring peace, compassion, and transformation to a world in crisis.


     Each week our sessions will begin by discussing (for approximately a half hour) an excerpt from a previously chosen text, for instance Meister Eckhart or Julian of Norwich. We regularly draw comparisons with Buddhist contemplative practices and teachings, with a particular focus on non-dual awareness. Each month or so, we will choose new texts from Christian as well as other contemplative traditions. 


     The second half of each session is dedicated to contemplative practice. Centering Prayer, the silent prayer of letting go of all thoughts, feelings, and images as outlined in Keating's book, is our usual practice. As we proceed we plan to undertake a variety of contemplative practices. By exploring other traditions we hope to rediscover the ancient mystical teachings of our Christian faith. Following the Reformation and the Western turn to reason, these teachings fell out of favor. In the last half century, monastics, like Thomas Keating and Thomas Merton, turned to Western and Eastern traditions to recover, what was for centuries, an integral component of the Christian faith experience.


     We invite you to join us Wednesdays at 11:00 a.m. on Zoom. It is listed as "Centering Prayer” on St. Paul’s calendar. To receive the Zoom password, please RSVP Sue Wright at or

(315) 751-8015.